New England Patriots

America Hates Cheaters…But Is Still Buying That Tom Brady Merch

IMG_0381In the shadows of news coming out about a settlement being reached between the league and Tom Brady over his role in Deflategate arrives somewhat surprising news.

The NFLPA announced on Thursday that embattled, hated, envied, vilified New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady moved more merchandise than any other NFL player from March 1 to May 31.

It’s an interesting report considering that Deflategate talk heated up again during this time period when the Wells Report was released and Brady’s subsequent suspension was handed out.

So, either America quickly got over Brady’s “cheating” during this period or they are complaining while covertly buying all things Brady.

The news somewhat contradicts a report that Brady’s marketability dropped significantly in Bill O’Reilly/Billy Bob Thornton territory last May.

And no, I’m not sure the merchandise boom can solely be explained by saying it’s Patriots fans buying his stuff. Any Pats fan worth their salt already had Brady gear.

As HBO’s newest talent pointed out on Thursday via Twitter, we’re heading into month seven of Deflategate conversation.

However, the longer it goes on, the NFL’s biggest star remains in the spotlight – albeit a bizarre one – a spotlight nonetheless.

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