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LeSean McCoy Wants To Party With All The Women (Only)!

LeSeanBillsHere is evidence that the NFL off-season is a bit too long.

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is going to have a “private event celebration” on Sunday in Philadelphia per his Instagram account. Obviously, that’s not a big deal, right?

Well, McCoy is slimming down his invite list to women 21 and over.

A few other things of note that McCoy is requiring for entry to his kind of weird party:

  1. Need to submit a picture (TRANSLATION: If you’re not at least an 8, you probably will not get the invite).
  2. Need info on social media accounts. (TRANSLATION: Someone employed by McCoy is going to creep on social media accounts).
  3. Must sign confidentiality agreement.
  4. No +1’s.

This sounds like a setup to one of the most debauchery-filled evenings on record.  Clearly, this is an over-the-top setup for McCoy (and some male counterparts) to score with the ladies.

Hopefully for everyone’s sake, this is some normalized version of the key party scene from The Ice Storm:

Anything more and it could be a disaster. As history has shown us, McCoy goes about his business a bit differently than John Q. Public.

Meanwhile, did he get approval to use that Bills logo from the NFL offices?? Meh, probably not.

In somewhat related news, the Buffalo Bills begin training camp for veterans on July 31.

H/T Crossing Broad

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