Madden NFL 16

NFL Rookies Somewhat Dismayed At Their Madden NFL 16 Ratings

WinstonComing up next month, EA Sports releases Madden NFL 16, the latest addition to the wildly popular video game franchise.

Before the game’s release, EA Sports revealed their rookie rankings to a group of first-year players including Tampa’s Jameis Winston, Tennessee’s Marcus Mariota, and St. Louis’ Todd Gurley.

Of course, most rookies believe they should rank somewhere between 80 and 90.

Most players provided quizzical responses at their ratings. All they have to do is just edit the rating once they get game. You can cheat like that, right?

Anyhow, here are the Top 10 Madden ’16 rookie rankings:

1. Amari Cooper, WR, Oakland – 82

2. Jameis Winston, QB, Tampa Bay – 81

3. Todd Gurley, RB, St. Louis – 80

4. Leonard Williams, DE, NY Jets – 80

5. Brandon Scherff, RT, Washington – 80

6. Dante Fowler, DE, Jacksonville – 79

7. Melvin Gordon, RB, San Diego – 78

8. Kevin White, WR, Chicago – 78

9. Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee – 78

10. Vic Beasley Jr., DE, Atlanta – 77

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