New England Patriots

Deflategate – Day #127: Death, Scooby, & The Tom Brady Rally

DefendTheWallBradyAs America lies in wait to see how Tom Brady’s appeal against Roger Goodell and The Shield™, a few developments of note took place during Memorial Day weekend.

No, I’m not referring to Roger Goodell’s refusal to recuse himself from Brady’s appeal and removing a story from their website on the case.

Instead, Patriots fans held a “Free Tom Brady” rally on Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium to support their temporarily fallen quarterback. Depending on who you ask, somewhere between 75 and 600 people were in attendance.

At this point, it’s probably safe to say we’ve seen the last of Roger Goodell randomly attending games in Foxborough during his run as commissioner.

In related news, a Massachusetts woman’s obituary included mentioned that Tom Brady is an innocent man.

Meanwhile, the subject of the “Free Tom Brady” rally was a bit busy getting acquainted with a new friend on Sunday.

The Brady clan introduced their new dog Scooby to the world. Patriots fans are hoping Mr. Brady doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands to hang with Scooby come September.


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