New England Patriots

Robert Kraft, Patriots Accept League Punishment; PSI New England Is Almost Over

KraftIn a somewhat shocking maneuver to New England Patriots fans, owner Robert Kraft formally announced on Tuesday that he was “reluctantly” willing to accept the league’s punishment in the Deflategate scandal without appeal.

Alas, the Patriots will officially pay their $1 million fine and lose a first-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and a fourth-round selection in 2017.

Soon after Kraft’s announcement in San Francisco’s during league meetings, some mused that it was a part of a grand scheme to potentially get Tom Brady’s four-game suspension wiped away considering NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Kraft were spotted mending some fences on Saturday night at a birthday party.

Not so fast says’s Greg Bedard:

While Kraft’s declaration brings closure to the Patriots vs. the NFL, now the spotlight firmly falls on Brady and his appeal, which will be handled by Goodell.

This isn’t over yet but it appears PSI New England is finally heading down the home stretch (I hope).

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