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Rex Ryan Plays Fake Reporter During Julian Edelman Interview


Yet again, Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan is way too into what the New England Patriots are up to.

During a Wednesday conference call with Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, Ryan hopped into call by posing as “Walt Patulski” of the Buffalo News.

Ryan Patulski asked Edelman if he would be playing quarterback on Sunday against Buffalo due to New England’s current quarterback health issues.

Ever the team player, Edelman gave Walt, Rex, or whoever the Bills head coach wanted to be at that moment very little information. In fact, he directed “Walt” to speak to his coach.

Following his response to Ryan’s question, Edelman’s reply was short and to the point after Ryan sent along well-wishes.

“Thanks Walt.”

Edelman (and maybe Jimmy Garappolo and/or Jacoby Brissett) will see “Walt” on Sunday when the Patriots host Buffalo.

This isn’t as good as a previous showdown between Ryan and another former Patriots slot receiver.

However, this will have to do.

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