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As Expected, The Trump/Clinton Debate Slaughters NFL & WWE In Record-Setting Fashion

Campaign 2016 DebateOne of the dumbest storylines prior to Monday night’s Presidential debate was an assertion by Republican nominee Donald Trump that pitting the event versus an NFL game would be a problem.

Oh was The Donald wrong.

Monday night’s Clinton/Trump faceoff was the most-watched debate in U.S. history. An estimated 84 million people viewed the 90-minute standoff between the two candidates for the President of the United States.

While the debate raged on, Monday Night Football aired on ESPN featuring the Atlanta Falcons visiting the New Orleans Saints.

Atlanta’s 45-32 was viewed by 8.05 million people – some four million viewers less than the Week 2 matchup between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles. The 5.7 overnight rating is the lowest in the 47-year history of Monday Night Football.

The ratings plunge did not just impact the NFL.

Monday Night Raw – the flagship show of World Wrestling Entertainment – drew 2.46 million people. If that number holds, it would be lowest rating in the show’s 23-year history.

As entertaining as the NFL and WWE are, nothing was going to stop the runaway freight train of Clinton vs. Trump.

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