Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles Annihilate Steelers; Broncos-Patriots AFC Title Game Imminent

Wentz.JPEGI really, really, really want to trust the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a young team with explosive offensive players and a quarterback with multiple Super Bowl wins.

Seems like an easy team to support, right?

Well, days like Sunday are a stark reminder why we can’t trust them. The 3-0 Philadelphia Eagles, led by rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, firebombed the Steelers, 34-3, on Sunday.

Pittsburgh was outplayed, outcoached, outmaneuvered, and pretty much outeverythinged against an Eagles team that might actually be a contender.

Wentz threw for 301 yards in the win and was backed by a Herculean effort from his defense. Pittsburgh’s mighty offense was held to just 251 total yards and a lowly field goal.

There’s a reason why the Eagles are Football Outsiders’ number one team in DVOA after two weeks, right?

Pittsburgh’s loss drops them from the ranks of the unbeaten and leaves three AFC teams with unblemished marks thus far.

Baltimore, New England, and Denver remain undefeated. Let’s be real though. Baltimore is that C student that just continues to get by.

Meanwhile, the Brady-less (for now) Patriots and defending Super Bowl champion Broncos are the class of the AFC.

Can the Steelers recover? Surely. The 2014 Patriots did when they were crushed by the Kansas City Chiefs in the season’s early stages. However, I’ve seen this movie before and we know how it will end for the Steelers.

Just when Pittsburgh becomes trustworthy, they muck it up. Something always seems to happen.

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