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If The Playoffs Started Today: The Dallas Cowboys Are Going To Be Good Edition



Unless the Dallas Cowboys go brain dead (insert Tony Romo back in as a full-time starter the second he is healthy again), they are going to win 10-12 games and make the playoffs.

They have the league’s top star in the NFC at the moment…their offensive line. That same o-line has opened holes for standout rookie runner Ezekiel Elliott and the man that is soon to place Tony Romo on a different team in 2017 – Dak Prescott.

Dallas looks sharp and their offense has nearly made us forget that seemingly half their defense was suspended for the start of the 2016 season.

Meanwhile, in the AFC, Big Ben got injured (of course) and now the Patriots are in the top seed spot (of course).


#1 – New England Patriots (AFC East champion, bye)

#2 – Oakland Raiders (AFC West champion, bye)

#3 – Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC North champion)

#4 – Houston Texans (AFC South champion)

#5  – Denver Broncos (Wild Card)

#6 –  Buffalo Bills (Wild Card)


#1 –  Minnesota Vikings  (NFC North champion, bye)

#2 – Dallas Cowboys (NFC East champion, bye)

#3 – Seattle Seahawks  (NFC West champion)

#4 – Atlanta Falcons (NFC South champion)

#5 – Washington Redskins (Wild Card)

#6 – Green Bay Packers (Wild Card)



SATURDAY, JANUARY 7 @ 4:30PM – #5 Denver Broncos at #4 Houston Texans (NBC)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 7 @ 8:00PM – #6 Green Bay Packers at #3 Seattle Seahawks (NBC)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8 @ 1:00PM – #5 Washington Redskins at #4 Atlanta Falcons (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 8 @ 4:30PM – #6 Buffalo Bills at #3 Pittsburgh Steelers (CBS)


SATURDAY, JANUARY 14 @ 4:30PM – ATL/WAS/GB at #1 Minnesota Vikings (NBC)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 14 @ 8PM – PIT/HOU/DEN at #2 Oakland Raiders (CBS)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 @ 1PM – SEA/ATL/WAS at #2 Dallas Cowboys (FOX)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 @ 4:30PM – PIT/HOU/DEN at #1 New England Patriots (CBS)

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