New England Patriots

Tom Brady Wins 200 Games; Owns 67 More Wins Than Joe Montana


The “Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback of all-time” argument continued to lose steam on Sunday after Tom Brady and the New England Patriots defeated the New York Jets for the future Hall of Fame quarterback’s 200th win.

The 200th win ties Brady for the most wins by a quarterback in NFL history with Peyton Manning.

Interestingly enough, the quarterback Brady is now mentioned with most post-Peyton Manning retirement is Joe Montana.

Of course, Montana’s mention is tied to the question of “who is the greatest quarterback of all-time?”

Now, for those in the pro-Brady camp, yesterday’s win adds some extra ammunition in the argument.

Brady’s 200th win places him 67 victories ahead of Joe Cool’s 133 wins (postseason included).

Obviously, Montana backers are going to throw the “he’s 4-0 in Super Bowls” argument out there, which has some merit to it. Brady dropped two Super Sunday games to the New York Giants under unique circumstances (in other words, miracle plays).

However, if you’re examining Brady’s overall body work, it is becoming increasingly harder to cast aside his work no matter what you think of him…and the Patriots.

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