New England Patriots

Tom Brady Almost Delivered The Worst Block(s) Of The Year


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not a blocker.

During Sunday’s 22-17 win over the New York Jets, he showed why he’ll never be confused with fellow New England Patriot and Hall of Fame offensive lineman John Hannah.

When LeGarrette Blount took off during a first quarter run, he reversed his field after nothing popped free on the right. As he reversed field, it appeared Brady would be able to at least provide some blocking assistance…until he didn’t.

Brady, who is nursing a knee injury, clumsily and awkwardly avoided a series of Jets defenders during the Blount run.

The four-time Super Bowl winner took plenty of time to make fun of himself for the play on numerous outlets including his Facebook page.

Well, at least Brady is willing to admit his blocking is terrible.

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