Exit 50A Podcast

Exit 50A Podcast: Donald Trump Is Our President


Fortunately or unfortunately, the Trump Train is rolling down the track after last week’s presidential election.

A new Exit 50A Podcast is all over the presidential election. Derek, Kaz, and Rob cover all the bases and figure out just how Donald J. Trump is the soon-to-be leader of the free world.

Derek and Kaz spar over what to do about America’s voting apathy and how it may have impacted the election.

In a new installment of Off the Exit, find out what celebrities said they were heading to Canada if Trump won. They get a nice and proper sendoff.

Other news finds us going in on a man who is into having sex with animals, the Mannequin Challenge, bad hotels, and more. Plus, learn what world event was deemed more important than Donald Trump winning the presidency.

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