Detroit Lions

Throwback Thursday: It Has Been 25 Years Since The Lions Won A Playoff Game

Heading into wild-card weekend, three teams are looking to break lengthy postseason losing streaks.

Oakland’s last playoff win came in January 2003 when they defeated the Tennessee Titans to reach Super Bowl XXXVII.

Miami hasn’t won a playoff game since 2000 when they beat Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.

And there’s the case of the Detroit Lions.

The last Lions victory came in January 1992, when then defeated the pre-dynasty Dallas Cowboys 38-6 in the Pontiac Silverdome.

Back then, Erik Kramer was throwing scoring strikes to Willie Green. While the great Barry Sanders was tearing up defenses. Their 32-point win was the high point of their 1991 season. A week later, the Washington Redskins annihilated them 41-1o en route to winning Super Bowl XXVI over Buffalo.

The hilarious part of the Cowboys game is considering the plight of the two franchises following the game. Detroit missed the playoffs following season and have not gotten that close to the Super Bowl again. Meanwhile, the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVII a year later – their first of three Super Bowl wins in four seasons.

To further illustrate Detroit’s playoff futility, the Lions have lost eight straight playoff games. Since their NFL title win in 1957, Detroit is a putrid 1-11 in their last 12 postseason games.

They’ll turn it around…eventually…maybe…just maybe.

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