New York Giants

The Miami Boat Boys (Giants Receivers) Go Shirtless In Green Bay


The New York Giants are spitting in the face of the football gods this week. Earlier in the week, a photo came out of the Giants receivers partying in Miami after a Week 17 win over the Redskins.

The photo featured a group of shirtless Giants receivers on the boat of singer Trey Songz. Undeterred, the Giants were back at it again on Sunday with no shirts but this time in far less warmer conditions.

Prior to Sunday’s playoff game against the Packers, several Giants skills players took to Lambeau Field for pregame warmups with no shirt on.

Sometimes I think football players get in their own head too much. This isn’t going to intimidate anybody because players do this more commonly now.

The Giants better win this game or the vultures will be circling…

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