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Coming Attraction: AFC Championship Live Blog – Ben


Sunday’s AFC Championship game between Pittsburgh and New England comes down to three things.

  1. Can the Steelers get Le’Veon Bell going?
  2. Can the Steelers D slow down Tom Brady?
  3. Will Ben Roethlisberger be good?

The last question will likely determine the game’s result. Armed with Antonio Brown and some pretty competent receivers, Roethlisberger should be able to move the ball on the Patriots defense.

However, can he prevent himself from turning the ball over as he has done in Pittsburgh’s first two playoff games?

Will the Steelers move off the position that they are a “running team” now?

Either way, Ben is likely to be a big part of the finish. Of course, this gives me the opportunity to write about 1972 movie of the same title about a killer rat.

The most notable thing about this movie? It spawned the number one hit song by Michael Jackson, “Ben”.

Incredibly, a film about a killer rat had so much currency in 1972. It’s applicable and fitting for Sunday’s festivities. In the film, “Ben” was the leader of a massive group of rats. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh’s Ben and his army of teammates are on their way to Foxborough.

On Sunday, Pittsburgh hopes their Ben doesn’t fall into New England’s mouse trap.


Anyway, the live blog is back for Sunday’s AFC title game.

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