Super Bowl LI

Ranking The Possible Super Bowl LI Matchups

NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers

There are only four teams left on the road to Super Bowl LI in Houston.

It’s that time of year again where we get a chance to flesh out the possible Super Bowl matchups and determine which one will be the most pleasing to the viewer’s eye.

For once, none of these will leave you in a coma. So, here we go.


PROS: Super Bowl rematch of sorts…Rodgers vs. Roethlisberger again…Mike Tomlin vs. Mike McCarthy isn’t exactly Lombardi vs. Halas and will likely to one of the fanbases pulling their hair out…Watching Green Bay’s terrible secondary get trashed by Antonio Brown.

CONS: We already saw this game, sort of…It’s not likely to be all that different than Super Bowl XLV…Two weeks of legacy talk and how this game could cement Big Ben’s legacy as a Hall of Famer (insert gag reflex)…We get to hear about how great Le’Veon Bell is for two weeks while Green Bay continues to use a converted wide receiver…Two weeks for these fanbases to argue over who is better franchise (insert gag reflex)..I’ll give three guesses what Pittsburgh’s gameplan will be against the Packers. HINT: It involves RUNNING THE FOOTBALL.


PROS: A Super Bowl with Antonio Brown and Julio Jones has to be entertaining, right?…Ryan trying to get his first Super Bowl win against Roethlisberger, who incredibly will be looking for his third ring…Will Antonio Brown shoot another Facebook Live video if the Steelers win?

CONS: Very little sizzle and the building would be crawling with Steelers fans. The Falcons aren’t exactly a national franchise yet…The Steelers will con themselves into believing they’ll have to run Le’Veon Bell 40 times to win so the Falcons don’t score non-stop.


PROS: Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady…Ryan/Jones/Coleman/Freeman/Sanu vs. Patriots D could mean ton of points for the Falcons…Brady vs. a subpar Atlanta secondary could also mean a lot of points…Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff is a Patriots disciple. He was a national scout and director of college scouting for them from 2002 to 2008…A fresh Super Bowl face vs. an experienced one. This would be just Atlanta’s second Super Bowl appearance.

CONS: Ric Flair is my childhood hero…and a devout Atlanta Falcons fan. If the Patriots and Falcons meet, I’ll be forced to root against him, which I haven’t done since 1990. Sorry Ric, but for two weeks I’ll be Shawn Michaels trying to superkick you.


PROS: AARON RODGERS VS. TOM BRADY…AARON RODGERS VS. TOM BRADY. Here’s the thing with this game besides the obvious. During the Brady/Belichick regime, they’ve only crossed paths with Aaron Rodgers once. That took place during New England’s Super Bowl title run in 2014. The Patriots lost 26-21 in a game that caused people to complain to the FCC over Brady’s constant use of the F bomb…Bill Belichick vs. Mike McCarthy is actually a decent coaching matchup…I hate legacy talk but plenty is at stake here. A Brady win gives him the most Super Bowl wins ever for a quarterback. If Rodgers wins, that G.O.A.T. talk will go into overdrive. Josh McDaniels/Belichick/Brady with two weeks to prepare against the 31st ranked pass defense in the NFL…Rodgers with the ball in his hand down by four points with under two minutes left.

CONS: Two weeks of Deflategate talk. Why? Because Aaron Rodgers once said he liked his balls over-inflated (also known as illegal) while Brady, well, we know his story by now.

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