Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Ethers Cowboys And Chiefs During Press Conference


New England Patriots postseason press conferences are among my favorite playoff things. During their run during 2010s, their pressers have led to some bizarre and absurd moments.

The fun started in January 2011 when then-Patriots receiver Wes Welker trolled former Jets head coach Rex Ryan about his love of his wife’s toes prior to a playoff game. Welker was disciplined during the Jets-Patriots playoff game, which Ryan’s Jets won 28-21.

Of course, who will ever forget the bizarre Deflategate press conferences shortly before New England headed to Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady both answered questions involving their knowledge of some of their footballs being illegally deflated during the 2015 AFC title game against Indianapolis.

It was during this press conference where Brady said of Deflategate “this isn’t ISIS.”

Last year prior a Patriots playoff game, Belichick showed up to a press conference with a black eye, that was never really explained.

Wednesday gave us another great moment when Belichick was asked about home-field advantage and it making a difference for New England on Sunday.

His answer was very Belichickian with a little extra cheese on top.

“I don’t know. Go ask Dallas and Kansas City.”

The Cowboys and Chiefs coughed up home games in the divisional round last week and Belichick is trying to avoid a similar fate for his Patriots. While that is a true statement, it was delivered with the trademark remorseless vibe that he puts out. I’m sure the Cowboys and Chiefs weren’t exactly beaming with pride after hearing those comments.

The Patriots appear to be livid regarding their tepid but victorious performance over the Houston Texans last Saturday.

We’ll see if they can do something about it when they face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in the AFC Championship game.

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