super bowl

And The Winner Of The Madden Super Bowl LI Simulation Is…


EA Sports released their popular Super Bowl simulation on Wednesday of Atlanta and New England’s Super Sunday showdown.

Over the past 13 Super Bowls, EA Sports’ Super Bowl Madden simulations have compiled a 9-4 record. Last year, they predicted a 24-20 victory for the Carolina Panthers.


Well, they have come out with this Sunday’s prediction:

Trailing by four points late, Tom Brady leads a late comeback to top the Falcons by 27-24. Madden has nailed New England’s last two Super Bowl predictions.

Two years ago, the video game accurately predicted a 28-24 Patriots win over Seattle. Meanwhile, Madden correctly picked the Giants beating New England in Super Bowl XLVI five years ago.

The Madden simulator turned out a lot better for the Patriots than another simulation that took place between Atlanta’s Vic Beasley and New England tight end Martellus Bennett.

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