Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo & Jason Witten Tweeted Their Goodbyes To Each Other


One of the greatest NFL romances ever reached its conclusion last week.

No, not the Aaron Rodgers/Olivia Munn relationship that went belly up. Instead, we have seen the last of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten.

As Romo transitions into retirement, his former teammate began to feel sting of what like without the former Pro Bowl quarterback will be like.

Witten penned a letter to Romo that he posted on Twitter shortly his ex-teammate announced his retirement and impending arrival at CBS. The main point of the letter attempted to get Romo over as a great friend and one of the best signal-callers of his era.

Witten’s tweet with the letter simply said “14 years.”

Following Witten’s letter and tweet, Romo returned the sentiment to his buddy:

These two remind me of Goose and Maverick from Top Gun or two guys from those cop buddy movies in the 80s and 90s.

The top NFL bromance heavyweight championship title now goes to Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. Gentlemen, you have a lot to live up to.

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