Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch Dominates NFL Network & Flirts With Host


Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who is making his triumphant return to the NFL after retiring following the 2015 season, made quite an appearance Saturday on NFL Network.

During Saturday’s Inside Training Camp Live coverage, Lynch made an on-set appearance to greet former Seahawks teammate and NFL Network analyst Michael Robinson. The latter was also joined by anchor Colleen Wolfe.

What ensued was probably the most exciting moment of league coverage on NFL Network since Aqib Talib almost ethered himself following Super Bowl 50 two years ago.

Lynch cursed a few times, which caused some slight panic out of Robinson. Then, Lynch added to the the awkwardness of the conversation by flirting with Wolfe.

The ex-Seahawks running back even went as far as to invite her on a date at his new soul food restaurant.

Unfortunately for Lynch, Wolfe is married.

Good job, good effort though Marshawn. Any interview where someone says “partna” just can’t be bad.

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