Tom Brady

Tom Brady Turns 40


I don’t know if you heard but Tom Brady turned 40 on Thursday. The New England Patriots star spent the day with most of practice off.

I could sit here and toil away and discuss how great he is or how is the greatest quarterback of all-time.

However, there is more than enough time to do that. We all know the success at this point. We know about the five Super Bowl rings, MVPs, etc.

The only thing I will say is that when it all ends, we’ll miss him. Even if you hate his guts, (and I know there are plenty of you), he is arguably the GREATEST NFL PLAYER EVER.

Do you know how often we get to watch guys like that?

Not often.

Enjoy every second of Brady that is left. No matter how long or how little.

We will never see someone quite like him ever again.

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