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Report: TV Networks Want To Give Peyton Manning $10 Million To Be Next Tony Romo


Who thought we’d live in a universe where people want to turn Peyton Manning into the next Tony Romo?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Well, when it comes to world of color analyst work for the NFL, networks are looking for the next Romo. reports that ESPN and Fox Sports want Manning for the Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football packages for the respective networks. In order to get him, they are willing to pay him up to $10 million yearly.

ESPN is need of someone to fill Jon Gruden’s spot in the MNF booth after the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach decided to return to the Oakland Raiders in January.

FOX is a wild-card. While the NFL wants to draw a bigger spotlight to its Thursday night package with better games, Manning may jump in a spot that may have been otherwise occupied by the network’s top NFL analyst – Troy Aikman. Manning’s arrival definitely give TNF some extra sizzle.

Following Romo’s critically-acclaimed success during the 2017 season, Manning is viewed as the next big name in waiting. There is no guarantee that Manning can deliver to the level that Romo has thus far.

Remember Joe Montana?

Montana is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time. As a color analyst for the NFL on NBC, he was far from it. As the video above shows, his content wasn’t bad but his deliver was too low-key for TV.

While Manning is one of the all-time greats and a funny guy when it comes to hosting Saturday Night Live, that doesn’t necessarily mean he would be a lights out option as a game analyst.

However, that obviously isn’t going to stop a network from dropping a boatload of money on his lap.

I’m not sure TV is Manning’s cup of tea in the long run. He strikes me as a guy that needs to find a competitive edge. That’s more likely to come from being a team president or general manager and not from trying to figure who Blake Bortles was to trying to hit on a crossing route.

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