Cleveland Browns

Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry Join Browns; Start Printing Those Playoff Tickets


If the 2017 season taught us anything, it’s that the difference between the NFL penthouse and Cleveland (the NFL outhouse) isn’t that far.

The Cleveland Browns took a sizable step towards no longer being the worst team in the NFL on Friday via a trio of trades.

First, the Browns acquired ex-Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry in exchange for two draft picks (allegedly not first or second round picks).

Their next move arrived through a trade with the Buffalo Bills for quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Meanwhile, the Browns will send a third-round pick to Buffalo.

Lastly, Cleveland grabbed cornerback Damarious Randall from the Packers in a trade to cap (I think) a very busy day of activity.

Could things finally be looking up in Cleveland after a busy Friday? While these moves aren’t going to force anyone to place bets on the Browns winning the Super Bowl, it’s good move in the right direction.

Remember, Cleveland has the first and fourth pick in April’s NFL Draft. Despite their historic run of ineptitude over the past decade, even they can’t mess this up…right?


I have confidence. This is the turning point of Browns Football. Ben Roethlisberger is another year older. The Bengals are riding or dying with Andy Dalton. The Baltimore Ravens will probably be chasing the ghosts of their yesteryear success until Joe Flacco retires.

Why can’t the Browns be the team in waiting?

Close your eyes and daydream with me for a moment about the Browns.

Tyrod Taylor is your quarterback. He’s a fair to respectable quarterback. Your top wide receivers are Landry and a focused (crossing fingers) Josh Gordon.

Oh, and Taylor will be handing the football off to Saquon Barkley.

Plus, Joe Thomas will be back along the offensive line. The Browns are back. I like them to go 6-10 in 2018.

After all, Rome can’t be built in a day…even in the NFL.

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