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Watch Sam Darnold Sling Passes In The Rain Like A Young Joe Namath


USC v Washington

While the east coast endured another snow-filled Wednesday, out on the rainy west coast former USC quarterback Sam Darnold prepared for the biggest day of his young football career.

Darnold participated in USC’s Pro Day workouts for NFL coaches and scouts on Wednesday. Despite rainy conditions, Darnold launched a few bombs during what was deemed an impressive outing.

Now, perhaps the most interesting dynamic of Darnold’s performance took place in the stands. Darnold’s parents were sitting with Jimmy Haslem, the owner of the Cleveland Browns.

Of course, Haslem’s Browns are slated to pick number one in April’s NFL Draft. Even though the Browns traded for ex-Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, it is not impossible that Cleveland takes Darnold number one overall.

In fact, it makes most sense for the Browns to scoop the USC quarterback with the top pick, sit on him for a season or so, and then give him the keys to the kingdom.

Another potential candidate to go at number one to Cleveland is Penn State running back Saquon Barkley. However, the Browns clearly need a franchise quarterback and Taylor is not the long-term answer.

They need to go with Darnold…and I’m not sure Haslem would spend time with Darnold’s family if something different was going to happen.

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  1. Haha, I’m comparing in arm only. Namath is in the Hall of Fame based off one game essentially, which is crazy.

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