New England Patriots

Finally, A Picture Of The Tom Brady Hand Injury


Prior to the AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tom Brady suffered a mysterious right hand injury that called into question whether he would play.

Some descriptions of the incident described his hand as a “bloody mess” after Brady allegedly collided with the helmet of teammate Rex Burkhead.

After receiving stitches and being extremely coy with the details of the injury before the Jaguars game and the lead up to the Super Bowl, Brady apparently revealed the nature of the injury.

Adam Kaufman of WBZ Sports in Boston tweeted the following gross picture of Brady from the newest episode of Tom vs. Time:

That is a nasty looking injury. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this injury is Brady threw for 795 yards and 5 touchdowns after the injury took place.

After looking at the hand, it makes one wonder. Was the hand injury the difference when Brady had the football jarred loose from his right hand by Philadelphia’s Brandon Graham late in the Super Bowl?

The Eagles were the better team that day but I can’t imagine having your thumb nearly sliced off helped the Patriots down the stretch in Super Bowl LII.

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