Dallas Cowboys

Report: Fox Sports Is Going After Jason Witten


Peyton Manning turned down ESPN late last week after reports surfaced that the Worldwide Leader in Sports and Fox were both interested in adding the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback.

While ESPN is still looking, Fox Sports has turned their collective eye toward another solution. According to Sporting News, Fox is looking at adding Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten to its Thursday Night Football coverage.

Only one problem.

Witten is under contract with the Cowboys for the next four seasons at $6.5 million per year. Now, while it’s questionable how much gas Witten has left in the tank, he has stated that he will play in 2018 for the Cowboys.

Manning was rumored to be offered near $10 million per year to join FOX. I’m guessing Fox might need a similar offer to drag Witten off the field and into the broadcasting industry.

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