Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans Have New Jerseys That Still Aren’t As Cool As The Old Houston Oilers Uniforms


Here is a new rule I’d like to incorporate for sports teams. If you relocate and your jersey pops, you must be forced to keep its main integrity. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly the case in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Titans became the latest team to make a uniform alteration, when the team displayed its latest jersey on Wednesday in Nashville. While it’s not a huge departure from their previous Titan jerseys, it’s an attention grabber.

It’s easy to forget that when the Houston Oilers were relocated to Nashville in 1995, they were still the Oilers through the end of the 1998 season. They were still rocking the classic light blue jerseys with the oil rig as its helmet.

Unfortunately, a new locale and losing in the NFL can lead to drastic measures like name changes and a logo switch.

The Titans were officially birthed in 1999, which led to new jerseys and a new logo that featured what I like to call the “flaming blue T.” Tennessee’s name change brilliantly paid off in ’99.

Behind the talents of running back Eddie George, quarterback Steve McNair, and a stingy defense, the Titans gave us the Music City Miracle and a birth in Super Bowl XXXIV.

As we all know by now, their lone Super Bowl appearance didn’t end well. I’ll always contend they should have never changed their uniforms in the first place.

However, years of mangling playoff appearances and a move took its toll. I understand the switch but I’ll never give up on Warren Moon and company rocking the oil rigs on the side of their helmets.


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