Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck Is Finally Throwing A (College) Football Again


Oft-injured Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck made news on Tuesday by doing something he hasn’t done since October (sort of).

Throw a football.

Luck, who missed the entire 2017 season, threw 20-25 passes with a college-sized football (more on this in a moment) on Tuesday during Indy’s minicamp.

It was a landmark moment for the Colts, who have been a borderline circus between Luck’s injury last year, the Josh McDaniels fiasco, the hiring of Frank Reich as head coach, and the incredibly long wait for their franchise quarterback to throw a football again.

Luck believes he will be ready for Indy’s season opener on September 9 versus Cincinnati.

Now, back to the college football issue.

The college football is actually smaller than a regular NFL ball. A conspiracy-free theory? The team was taking no chances with Luck’s first public tosses. Not only did he throw a college football which is noticeably smaller than “The Duke” but also, he was throwing to Colts great Reggie Wayne.


Speaking of odd, despite all of the hub-bub over Luck’s first throws since October, apparently, he tossed around the pigskin with Reich a few weeks ago. In the process, he implored his new head coach not to tell anyone or as us humans call it, lie.

I’m going to remain somewhat skeptical until Luck is hurling bombs downfield to T.Y. Hilton. His right shoulder remains one of the biggest pieces to the NFL puzzle in 2018.

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