Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia/LeBron James Recruitment Committee Starring Carson Wentz


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has a ton on his plate these days heading into the start of the 2018 season.

He is rehabbing after suffering a torn left ACL last December; attending Kenny Chesney concerts; planning a wedding; and trying to help the Eagles successfully defend their Super Bowl title…oh, and being a part of a recruiting campaign to land LeBron James with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Following an Eagles mini-camp practice on Wednesday, Wentz talked about a trip to Cleveland last Friday prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.

Wentz, who was joined by teammate and tight end Zach Ertz with the hopes of getting some time with James and possibly encourage him to join the 76ers, stated his intentions regarding the trip to Cleveland.

“I hope he’s coming. Ertz and I were there the other night. Unfortunately, he lost and everything. I didn’t really care who won in that game. But seeing that, seeing him live, we decided to make it a recruiting trip.”

As we know by now, James and his Cavaliers were mutilated by the Warriors in Game 4 and subsequently swept out of the NBA Finals.

Due in part to the loss, Wentz and Ertz never got a chance to catch up with LeBron. As the Kevin Durant Sweepstakes taught us two years ago, having a great quarterback does not guarantee recruitment success for teams.

The Celtics had Tom Brady as a part of their key influencers to attempt to sway Durant towards Boston. Instead, Durant jumped to the Golden State and two NBA titles later, clearly made the right decision.

Unfortunately, it is starting to appear that James might have eyes for the Los Angeles Lakers. And you know, they will not have to get Jared Goff or Mr. Bolo Tie Phil Rivers involved.

As a Sixers fan, I’m crossing my fingers but I don’t think even the momentum of the Eagles is good enough to put The King in Philly.

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