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The Philadelphia Eagles Unveil Their Spectacular Super Bowl Ring


The Philadelphia Eagles finally put their Super Bowl ring on display Thursday night during the organization’s ring ceremony.

Their Super Bowl ring features 219 diamonds and 17 rare green sapphires. Also, it features some of the usual staples on rings including the score of their Super Bowl-winning triumph (41-33).


Notably, the ring’s bezel features 127 diamonds, which is a tribute to “The Philly Special” – the now iconic trick play that gave the Eagles a 10-point lead over the New England Patriots at halftime. The 127 is the combined numbers of all of the players who touched the ball during one of the game’s most pivotal play.

Perhaps the most unique detail is the special dog mask that is engraved inside of the ring, which is a tribute to the team’s embraced underdog role.

It’s a gorgeous ring that is befitting of a Super Bowl champion.

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