Cam Newton

Cam Newton Still Appears To Be A Little Sensitive About Losing The Super Bowl


We are nearly two and a half years removed from the Denver Broncos sending off Peyton Manning as a winner and crushing Cam Newton’s MVP season in Super Bowl 50.

Carolina hasn’t quite been the same on the field since losing in Santa Clara back in February 2016. A video surfacing on Monday afternoon proved that Newton is quite over it yet either.

In the video, it appears a young fan is busting Newton’s chops. At one point, the 2015 NFL MVP responds by saying “don’t talk sh*t to me little boy.” Then, a fan questions him about the Super Bowl, which causes him to get in a young fan’s face.

I want to say that he should display thicker skin but dude, I never lost a Super Bowl and I’m thinking that’s on the short list of experiences football players don’t want to have.

It’s not a good look for Newton but then again, we have danced this dance before with Cameron.

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