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Tom Brady Becomes First Player In NFL History To Be Body Shamed & Win An ESPY In Same Day



New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is enjoying a vacation with his wife, Gisele Bundchen before the team begins training camp on July 26. However, some people took exception to a photo of Brady while on the beach.

A photo caught Brady and Bundchen on the beach together with the former wearing a bathing suit but displaying what many felt was Dad Bod.

Throughout the annals of NFL history, great quarterbacks with bad bodies has been normal procedure. Joe Montana looked like a waiter at a four-star restaurant; Peyton Manning looks like he manages a sports bar; and Tony Romo resembles a used car salesman.

Brady’s “dad bod” just threw for 505 yards in a Super Bowl and is the proud owner of five Super Bowl rings. Meanwhile, other ripped, shredded, and jacked quarterbacks are still working on their first…like this dude:

In totally unrelated news, Brady won the ESPY for Best NFL Player on Wednesday night during ESPN’s annual awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

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