Jimmy Garoppolo

Alexandra King Is Not Upset About Jimmy Garoppolo’s Torn ACL Injury

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

The San Francisco 49ers confirmed their worst fears on Monday. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will miss the rest of the 2018 season with a torn ACL. While many 49ers fans are disappointed, one person doesn’t appear to be shedding any tears.

Alexandra Rose King, the ex-girlfriend (or something maybe) of Garoppolo, posted a message on her Instagram story following her ex-flame’s injury that was straight to the point.

Her message simply read “Karma.”

Of course, King might be a bit upset over Garoppolo ending things with her and then popping up in public with porn star Kiara Mia. That can’t be easy for anyone to see. However, reveling in someone’s injury is pretty low.

H/T Chicks In The Office

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