Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown’s Frostbitten Feet Debut On Hard Knocks


The most controversial feet in recent NFL memory were on display Tuesday night during HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring the Oakland Raiders.

Star receiver Antonio Brown recently displayed his frostbitten feet from an errant cryotherapy session in Europe on social media. However, his delicate feet were on full display on HBO Tuesday night.

During Tuesday night’s episode of Hard Knocks, Brown peeled off his socks to show the grotesque display of dead skin caused by frostbite.

Here is his left foot:


And here is the disgusting right foot:


While Brown’s helmet battle drew headlines last week after the ex-Steelers receiver threatened to retire if the NFL did not capitulate to his wishes, Tuesday night was a quick reminder about an equally pressing problem.

I’m no foot expert but that looks unhealthy as hell. I can’t imagine trying to run go routes, comebacks, corners, or any route on feet looking like that.

While Brown returned to Raiders training camp on Tuesday, the healing of his feet may not be a quick process.

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