Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman Took Jerry Rice’s Daughter To His High School Prom

EdelmanSBWhile the New England Patriots applied a massive beatdown of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football, Al Michaels revealed a rather interesting detail about the defending Super Bowl MVP, Julian Edelman.

As Edelman attended Woodside High School, he took Jerry Rice’s daughter, Jaqui, to his high school prom.


Fittingly, Rice and Edelman were historically tied at the hip before Sunday night’s nugget. After last season’s postseason run that culminated with Edelman winning Super Bowl MVP, the Patriots receiver catapulted into second place all-time in postseason history for most receptions and yardage in a career.

The man in front of him? Jerry Rice, of course.

The world is a very small place sometimes.


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