Joe Montana

The NFL Names “The Catch” As The Greatest Throw In League History

Catch82Joe Montana’s famous six-yard toss to Dwight Clark, known as “The Catch”, in the 1981 NFC Championship Game topped the NFL’s list of The 100 Throws released Monday morning.

The NFL released a near 30-minute video revealing The Top 100 Throws in league history on Monday that will surely be a subject of debate. It’s a rather interesting list that doesn’t put extreme weight on postseason throws versus regular season ones.

In fact, one of the great oddities of the list is that if you’re a fan of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, you’ll probably be left feeling rather unsatisfied. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Danny White has more throws in the top 25 than Brady and Manning…combined.

Brady has four throws in the top 100 but his highest ranks 55th. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning, whose name is near the top or at the top of nearly every significant passing record, only appears twice on the list.

And of course, there is one Manning with two throws that made the top five…and it’s not Peyton. Eli Manning’s two game-changing Super Bowl throws landed near the top of the chart.

Here is the top five:

  1. The Catch – Joe Montana to Dwight Clark, 1981 NFC Championship
  2. Terry Bradshaw to Lynn Swann – Super Bowl X
  3. Eli Manning to Mario Manningham – Super Bowl XLVI
  4. The Sea of Hands – Ken Stabler to Clarence Davis, 1974 AFC Divisional Playoff
  5. The Helmet Catch – Eli Manning to David Tyree, Super Bowl XLII

Set aside a half-hour to watch this in its entirety. It’s a great watch…even if you disagree with it.

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