Patrick Mahomes

Troy Aikman Is Not Interested In How Many Touchdown Passes Patrick Mahomes Has Thrown


As the NFL world gushes over Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and FOX analyst Troy Aikman is taking a far more conservative approach when it comes to the 2018 NFL MVP.

The Athletic Kansas City tweeted Monday evening that Mahomes had already amassed 36% of Aikman’s career touchdown passing total in only 8% of the games.

Mahomes has already tossed 60 touchdown passes in just 20 career starts over three seasons. Meanwhile, Aikman threw 165 touchdown passes in 165 games.

Aikman seemed to take that tweet as a slight and opted to drop the hammer accordingly on the media’s fawning over Mahomes when it comes to making any kind of comparison:

Of course, Aikman has three Super Bowl rings and a Super Bowl MVP to his credit. The list of guys with those credentials is extremely short. Only Aikman, Tom Brady, Joe Montana, and Terry Bradshaw have at least three Super Bowl wins and each one of the aforementioned quarterbacks owns at least one Super Bowl MVP.

Meanwhile, Mahomes got to overtime of the AFC Championship last season before his Chiefs bowed out to the Patriots.

While Mahomes has enjoyed an amazing beginning to his career, Aikman’s reminder brings it home to what really matters.

For all of the regular season success, no look passes, and fancy pants touchdowns, Mahomes will be judged by what he does in the postseason.

Ultimately, the eras Mahomes and Aikman played in were completely different. Plus, Aikman handed the football off to a future Hall of Famer and the NFL’s all-time leading rusher – Emmitt Smith.

Despite that, quarterbacks are judged by (right or wrong) championships.

Just ask Dan Marino.

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