New England Patriots

The Patriots Defense Forces Sam Darnold To See Ghosts During All-Time Bad Effort


The New England Patriots defense is posting numbers at all-time clip through its first seven games and New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was the latest to feel their wrath on Monday night in a 33-0 loss.

Darnold’s stat line was more horror show than a performance from an NFL quarterback that had just enjoyed a big victory against the Dallas Cowboys one week later. The second-year pro finished 11 of 32 for 86 yards with four interceptions.

It was so brutal that Darnold said on the sideline that he was seeing ghosts. That’s not exactly a great omission from someone the Jets hope is a franchise quarterback.

Darnold’s performance netted a passer rating of 3.6. According to NFL research savant Reuben Frank, that is one of the worst performances in the last 25 years. Believe it or not, Darnold’s clunker is not even one of the five worst over the same span.

Peyton Manning, yes the Peyton Manning of two Super Bowl wins and four Super Bowl appearances, is the proud owner of a 0.0 passer rating from a 2015 primetime game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Of course, that effort (among others) continued his goodbye from Denver and the NFL.

As for Darnold, there are two ways to look at his performance on Monday night. Yes, he played terribly.

However, the other option (and most likely) is that he ran up against the NFL’s best defense (and best secondary)….and their rather

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