San Francisco 49ers

Did Geno Smith Call Heads Or Tails In Overtime During Seahawks/49ers OT?


A postgame controversy stemming on Twitter from Seattle’s 27-24 overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers dealt with Seahawks backup quarterback Geno Smith.

It’s alleged that Smith said “tails” when the coin was tossed to determine possession in overtime.

Of course, the coin toss fell in favor of the Seahawks when “heads” landed on the ground. ¬†Even though the Seahawks didn’t score, it laid the groundwork for what turned out to be a Seattle victory.

Following the game, Smith told reporter Jim Trotter that he said heads. Honestly, it when you originally listen to it, tails seems like a definite possibility. However, after further study, the more I listen, the more I’m convinced he said heads.

As much as we would love to slam Smith or referees over this, he gave the correct answer.

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