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NFC Championship Live Blog: Packers At 49ers – The Ghost Of Joe & Steve


The NFC Championship is on the line as the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco battle for a trip to Super Bowl LIV against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.


6:41 – Kickoff as the 49ers will take the ball first….By the way, you think Jerry Rice is ready for this game??


6:42 – A couple of Tevin Coleman runs give the 49ers a short yardage situation….however, Zadarius Smith stones Coleman on a 3rd and 1 run from the SF 30. Niners go three and out.

6:44 – America’s favorite scotch drinker is in at QB for the Packers on a drive that starts at the GB 25.

6:47 – Matt LaFleur looks like at TV villain that would be featured on Dawson’s Creek as someone who partied too much with Jen Lindley and would try to corrupt Dawson and Pacey.

6:48 – Dre Greenlaw stops Aaron Jones short of the first down on a 3rd and 3 play near midfield to force a punt. Two drives, two punts.

6:51 – With Niners pinned deep in their own end, Deebo Samuel makes a 16-yard catch for a first down.

6:52 – Samuel almost breaks one after a catch well into GB territory. Niners near the Pack 30.

6:54 – Packers DB Darnell Savage comes up with a big TFL loss on 2nd and 4……BUT none of matters because moments later Raheem Mostert turns a 3rd and 8 into a 36-yard touchdown run. Woah.


6:59 – The Packers are already in trouble…you can feel it.

7:01 – Nick Bosa just swallowed Aaron Jones whole in the backfield.

7:02 – Nick Bosa just swallowed Aaron Rodgers whole in the backfield. PUNT….That reminds me, this is funny to me:

7:07 – Niners look strong…..but Packers defensive lineman Kenny Clark is called for roughing for the passer after hitting Jimmy Garoppolo in his knees. Yikes.

7:10 – Garoppolo is nearly intercepted on a 2nd and 6 near the red zone. Then, for an encore, Jimmy G takes a sack that puts the Niners out of field goal range. Oof.

What he said. That’s the end of a quackish first quarter…


7:13 – Jimmy G is bailed out by the leg of Robbie Gould, who bangs through a 54-yard field goal for San Francisco.


7:16 – PACK BALL….deep in their own end…They definitely look like a team that is going to get blown out.

7:17 – Just as I type the last sentence, Rodgers gets sacked, fumbles, and luckily its recovered by Green Bay. The good fortune ends quickly though. A Packers punt dies inside of the GB 40. Oh boy.

7:23 – After that terrible punt, Mostert mauls the Pack D on a couple of runs. The Niners get a 3rd and short sneak by Jimmy G but Coleman is injured now after a run near the GB 10.

7:27 – Coleman has to be carted off with an apparent arm injury.

7:29 – Samuel clears the nostrils of Savage with a good block to spring Mostert on another TD run.


7:36 – Aaron Rodgers leads a drive into 49ers territory but a fumbled snap kills the drive. The 49ers recover with just 5:30 left in the quarter. Folks, if you’re a 49ers fan, start looking up plane ticket prices to Miami.

7:40 – Mostert rips off a big run to Green Bay 35. The Packers are making him look like 2012 Adrian Peterson.

7:46 – Another Niners scoring drive is highlighted by FOX showcasing Rob Lowe to hype up a network show.

7:48 – Gould is back on for a chip shot field goal. He doesn’t miss.


7:52 – The Packers look terrible.

7:55 – Rodgers gets picked by Emmanuel Moseley and he runs it back to GB 30.

7:58 – MOSTERT AGAIN. His third TD of the day. Just terrible run defense by the Packers.


8:00 – Jimmy G has thrown just six passes today.

8:04 – Green Bay taps out on the first half and likely the game as we go to halftime….WOOF.




8:19 – Green Bay has the ball to open up the half.

8:22 – Packers are in 49ers territory for a rare visit today. By the way, for those interested in such things, here is an early look at the gambling lines for Super Bowl LIV according to Odds Shark:

8:26 – Aaron Jones caps Green Bay’s first scoring drive of the day on a short touchdown catch from Rodgers. Well, at least it’s a tad closer.


8:30 – Let’s see if the Niners stay on the ground here…

8:31 – Yep. Steady diet of Mostert…

8:36 – After an injury timeout for Green Bay, Samuel hits an end around run down to the Green Bay 22 for 32 yards. This is ugly. The 49ers have 242 yards rushing.

8:41 – Mostert goes in AGAIN on a 22-yard touchdown run. He has four touchdown runs today. He’s the first player in NFL history to rush for 150 yards and three touchdowns in one half of a playoff game. SHEESH.


8:47 – Another Green Bay drive comes up shy of a first down…this time short of midfield. However, a 49ers penalty keeps it alive.

8:48 – Hey everyone, Antonio Brown wants you to know he’s watching the game tonight:

8:53 – Green Bay converted a 4th down attempt into Niners territory. Proud of them.

END OF 3: 49ERS 34, PACKERS 7 

8:55 – This might be the most savage tweet of the night:

8:56 – Rodgers hits Jimmy Graham on a 43-yard touchdown pass to draw the Pack within 21…assuming this review stands.

8:59 – SIKE! It didn’t stand. Graham was ruled inches short of the end zone. Instead, Aaron Jones goes in from a yard away. Green Bay opts to go for two and Davante Adams can’t quite catch up to the Rodgers fastball in time.

49ERS 34, PACKERS 13

9:06 – Green Bay tries an onside kick but the 49ers recover. A short 49ers drive leads to a punt.

9:12 – Rodgers hits Davante Adams on a 65-yard bomb down to the 49ers 22. Adams beat Sherman deep. Pack running out of time with 9:25 left.

9:15 – Rodgers hits Jace Sternberger in the back of the end zone on an eight-yard score to cut it just a bit closer…we might have a game if the Niners go three and out on the next drive here.

49ERS 34, PACKERS 20

9:20 – It took over an hour but Jimmy G has finally thrown a pass again…and it’s our first look at All-Pro tight end George Kittle form the pass catching perspective. He rolls through the Pack D for 19 yards and a first.

9:22 – Will Redmond gets called for holding George Kittle on a 3rd and 3 from just inside of Green Bay territory. A deadly penalty against the Packers with 5:47 left.

9:26 – These are the tweets you see when someone doesn’t throw the football for an hour, lol.

9:28 – Green Bay has used their final timeout as Raheem Mostert continues to add to his historic day. Mostert has set a new franchise record with the most yards rushing in a game….previously set by C**** K*********.

9:32 – Robbie Gould is on to kick a field goal. If he hits it, BALL GAME.

9:33 – BALL GAME.

49ERS 37, PACKERS 20

9:38 – Two minute warning…and last chance to dance for the Packers. They just converted a 4th down play just outside of midfield to Adams.

9:41 – Richard Sherman writes a finish to this game by intercepting Aaron Rodgers and thus, effectively ending the ball game.

9:43 – Jimmy G takes a few knees….AND THAT WILL DO IT. The San Francisco 49ers are headed to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 2012 season.


SUMMARY: We’ve got a Super Bowl that should be hit the over pretty easily (I think). That’s my early analysis. There is plenty of time for the rest. As for the 49ers, it was another outstanding effort for much of the contest until they clearly took their foot off the gas.

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