Super Bowl LIV

The Not-So-Official JMRA Super Bowl LIV Drinking Game


The latest edition of The JMRA Super Bowl Drinking Game (for entertainment purposes only) is here in time for Sunday’s big game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

One drink:

  • Every touchdown pass.
  • Every touchdown run.
  • Each Joe Montana reference.
  • Each Joe Montana on-screen appearance in-stadium (as of now, he is expected to attend the game).
  • A Travis Kelce touchdown catch.
  • A Tyreek Hill touchdown catch.
  • A Raheem Mostert touchdown run
  • A Tevin Coleman touchdown run
  • A mention of Jimmy Garoppolo previously playing quarterback for the New England Patriots.
  • A Tom Brady mention.
  • Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is shown on TV.
  • Each Jennifer Lopez reference.
  • If Mike Shanahan appears on TV
  • If FOX shows San Francisco’s last two Super Bowl trips to Miami.
  • If there is a Philadelphia Eagles reference.
  • Each Shakira reference.
  • A WWE Friday Night Smackdown commercial.
  • Deebo Samuel catches a touchdown pass.

Two drinks

  • If Troy Aikman utters the phrase, “you’re absolutely right Joe.”
  • If there is a WWE reference because George Kittle likes wrestling.
  • If Dan Marino appears at the game.
  • A Kendrick Bourne touchdown catch.
  • Tyreek Hill catches a touchdown pass of 50-yards or more.
  • A Brittany Matthews sighting….
  • If a WWE superstar appears live on-screen.
  • Patrick Mahomes wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • Tyreek Hill wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo attempts more than 15 passes.
  • The 49ers rush for 200 yards.
  • Patrick Mahomes throws for over 300 yards.
  • A 28-3 reference is made.
  • If the 49ers take a 10-point or more lead (The Chiefs have fallen behind by 10 points in each of their first two playoff games).
  • If Joe Buck mentions “Hot Boyzz University.”
  • If Jason Kelce (Eagles center) appears to give his brother Travis Kelce a hug.
  • If FOX shows highlights of Super Bowl XXXIX between the Eagles and Patriots.
  • Steve Young is shown on camera.
  • Every 49ers sack.
  • Every Chiefs sack
  • A safety.

Three drinks:

  • A reference of former 49ers/Chiefs quarterback Steve DeBerg.
  • Don Shula is at the game.
  • Kansas City’s Mecole Hardman returns a kick for a touchdown.
  • Andy Reid references enjoying cheeseburgers while accepting the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
  • Joe Montana handles the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation during the postgame.
  • Jerry Rice handles the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation during the postgame.
  • If Jerry Rice runs a pass pattern in the end zone prior to the start of the game…
  • If the Chiefs are held to 10 points or less at halftime .
  • A pick-six.
  • A special teams TD.
  • If FOX runs highlights of Super Bowl IV (called Joe Buck’s father – Jack).

One shot:

  • If Andy Reid takes a Gatorade bath that doesn’t involve red Gatorade.
  • Ric Flair appears during the game.
  • If Joe Buck opens the microphone and says “Hi, I’m Joe, that’s Troy.”
  • Jay-Z shows up during halftime show.
  • Richard Sherman intercepts Patrick Mahomes.
  • Mahomes throws a touchdown pass of 50 yards or longer.

Two shots:

  • Garoppolo throws the ball over 30 times.
  • Garoppolo throws a touchdown pass of 50 yards or longer.
  • If any player takes a knee during the National Anthem.
  • If Joe Buck or Troy Aikman mention Colin Kaepernick.
  • Raheem Mostert wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • Travis Kelce wins MVP.
  • Deebo Samuel wins MVP.


  • If Nick Bosa wins Super Bowl MVP AND goes a rant about his love of President Donald Trump.
  • If Nick Bosa wins Super Bowl LIII.
  • If a Kansas City Chiefs defender wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • If the game comes down to the final play.
  • Saints quarterback Drew Brees announces his retirement on social media.
  • Sammy Watkins wins Super Bowl MVP.
  • Game goes into overtime.


God’s speed to your liver if you try this.

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