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The Top 17 Games Of The 2020 NFL Schedule

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs

The NFL released its 256-game regular season schedule on Thursday night. While there is a shroud of mystery hovering over the league’s ability to execute the schedule on time due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s still fun to dream and analyze about what is to come.

Let’s take a look at the season’s 17 highest profile games week-by-week:

Week 1: Tampa Bay at New Orleans – The Brady era in Tampa gets started on the road in New Orleans when Tom Brady and Drew Brees meet for the first time as division rivals.

Week 2: Baltimore at Houston – It’s a matchup of two of the NFL’s brightest young quarterback stars in the defending league MVP Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson. NBC might rue the day this was on CBS instead of Sunday Night Football, which gets a Super Bowl XLIX rematch between New England and Seattle.

Week 3: Kansas City at Baltimore – Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans ruined a presumptive AFC Championship Game between Kansas City and Baltimore last season. Instead, we get this year’s matchup in Week 3 (?!?!) and somewhat surprisingly on Monday Night Football.

Week 4: Philadelphia at San Francisco – Could this a potential NFC Championship preview? The 49ers are the defending NFC Champions but may be still mourning their 10-point fourth quarter lead in the Super Bowl faster than you can say Tyreek Hill. The Eagles will be trying to reach the playoffs and once again, recapture the promise of their Super Bowl season three years ago.

Week 5: Buffalo at Tennessee – This doesn’t look super sexy on paper. However, it’s a matchup between two playoff teams that could be in store for big 2020s. Of course, there are 3/2 odds that we’ll see CBS run the Music City Miracle at some point during the game.

Week 6: Green Bay at Tampa Bay – No need to add much regarding Brady vs. Rodgers. This tweet from Packers defensive back Kevin King:


Great question.

Week 7: San Francisco at New England – Tom Brady’s departure from Tampa Bay robbed us the Belichick Bowl (Brady vs. Jimmy G). Instead, the once budding apple of Bill Belichick’s eye rolls into Foxborough as a 49er and a member of the defending NFC champions.

Week 8: Dallas at Philadelphia – The Eagles and Cowboys will likely be battling for the NFC East crown. That’s great and all but what will EDP445 (video below is totally not safe for work) be thinking if CeeDee Lamb (Eagles fans desperately wanted him during the draft) goes for 150 yards and a touchdown on six catches?

Week 9: Pittsburgh at Dallas – Any time these teams get together, be prepared for a deluge of Super Bowl highlights from the 70s…which I will never get tired of seeing.

Week 10: San Francisco at New Orleans – Last year’s meeting was 48-46 thriller won by San Francisco that ultimately landed the Saints on wild card weekend and promptly, out of the playoffs. This matchup could be another high leverage NFC battle.

Week 11: Tennessee at Baltimore – A rematch from January’s AFC Divisional shocker. Earl Thomas didn’t have a great Wednesday night for obvious reasons. For starters, the story about his wife pulling a gun on him caught wildfire and, then people kept tweeting Derrick Henry’s stiff-arm from the playoffs.


Week 12: Kansas City at Tampa Bay – Onto Thanksgiving weekend as Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes meet for the fourth time ever with Brady holding a 2-1 advantage including the 2018 AFC Championship Game. This time, it’ll be in a totally different football universe at Raymond James Stadium.

Week 13: Philadelphia at Green Bay – The Eagles head to Lambeau after accounting for one of Green Bay’s three regular season losses last year. Carson Wentz vs. Jordan Love Aaron Rodgers should be pretty exciting.

Week 14: Houston at Chicago – The parade of guys the Bears should have taken instead of Mitchell Trubisky continues when Deshaun Watson and the Texans roll into Chicago.

Week 15: Kansas City at New Orleans – If all of the skill players are healthy, this game might set defensive football back to the 60s. Brees vs. Mahomes for the first time ever – and perhaps the only time.

Week 16: Minnesota at New Orleans – Christmas Day Football!! Plus, as a bonus one of the NFL’s low-key top rivalries heats up again after the Vikings eliminated the Saints from the playoffs once again.

Week 17: Seattle at San Francisco – I can’t imagine we’ll get something as compelling as the winner-take-all Dre Greenlaw game from Week 17 last season but it’s not hard to envision this game being for the NFC West title (and more) again.

Now, here’s hoping all of this actually takes place.

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