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The Curse Of Dre Greenlaw: 49ers Linebacker’s Game-Saving Tackle Costs Saints, Eagles During Wild Card Weekend


So, remember last Sunday night when San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw made a division-clinching tackle on Seattle tight end Jacob Hollister in Week 17? Greenlaw’s play loomed large during the NFC playoffs on Sunday.

Greenlaw’s Week 17 stop gave the 49ers a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

As a result of Greenlaw’s amazing tackle:

  • The New Orleans Saints lost out on a bye and had to play the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. The Saints are now out of the playoffs by virtue of a 26-20 loss to the Vikings in overtime on Sunday. A Week 17 win by Seattle would have given the Saints an extra week of rest.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles had to play the Seattle Seahawks again for the second time in a month. And yet again, the Eagles managed to lose 17-9 (just as they did earlier in the regular season) to the Seahawks and lost their quarterback Carson Wentz early on Sunday due to a head injury.

If Greenlaw didn’t make that tackle, here is what NFC Wild Card weekend would have looked like:

  • The Green Bay Packers would have had home-field advantage while the Saints would have received a bye and the number two seed.
  • The 49ers would have played in Philly as the #5 seed.
  • Seattle and Minnesota would have played the 3 vs. 6 game.

If Greenlaw’s play doesn’t happen, who knows what happens in the 49ers/Eagles game or the Seahawks/Vikings clash.

And of course, the Saints, who went 13-3, would have been sitting at home and resting. Instead, they are sitting at home permanently, in part, thanks to Dre Greenlaw.

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