Minnesota Vikings

Stefon Diggs Gets Another Bit Of Revenge On Sean Payton & The Saints


Shortly before the Minneapolis Miracle during a 2017 NFC Divisional playoff game, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton taunted fans in Minnesota by doing the SKOL chant. Well, after Minnesota’s shocking 26-20 overtime win over the Saints during the wild card round on Sunday, another receipt arrived for Payton.

Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs saw Payton following the game. While the defeated head coach offered a handshake, Diggs had something else in mind:

DiggsDiggs mocked Payton and the Saints by doing their “choppa style” dance. I’d say this is classless behavior, however we know the Saints love to rub it in whenever they get the chance during the postseason.

As Shaq would say on Inside the NBA, “UNDERDOG, PUT THAT ON A T-SHIRT.”

The Vikings will be back in action next Saturday against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Divisional playoffs.

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