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Report: The NFL To Cut Preseason To Two Games…Or Not.

As training camp looms later in July, the NFL’s time of waiting to make decisions with COVID-19 in mind is running out. However, the first shoe dropped on Wednesday when the NFL reportedly decided to cut the preseason down to just two games.

The decision would allow teams to focus more on conditioning and not having to move a high volume of players on the road for some preseason games. Of course, with virtual workouts and group workouts largely discouraged (except in Tampa) by the NFLPA, teams do not have their customary time to get players into shape.

Yet, shortly after the initial report of preseason being cut, the NFL Players Association quickly stated no such agreement had been reached, according to NFL Network.

If everything was even, the preseason should not be four games anyway. Here is my basic interpretation of the current four-game NFL preseason structure:

Game 1 – Feeling out process…teams need to find out which of their reserves can play. This game is also known as the “We’re Not Going To Play Our Starters…Yet” game.

Game 2 – The “It’s Time For Us To Showcase Our Starters….For A Quarter” game.

Game 3 – The “Dress Rehearsal” game. Starters will play for a half.

Game 4 – The “We’re Playing Out The String” game. Largely, the fourth preseason game is the most forgettable because teams don’t want to get anyone hurt and some of the players in the game will not even make the roster.

Get rid of the first game and the fourth essentially and keep the joint practices. Under the current circumstances though, joint practices may have to wait.

Cutting the preseason to two games is the right move this year…and beyond.

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