Washington Redskins

Here Are 10 Potential New Names For The Washington Football Club That Plays In The NFL

The days of the Washington Redskins appear to be numbered. The controversial nickname for the Washington Football Club looks like it may be on the way out or at the very least….”under review.”

Throughout Friday, the NFL and numerous other sources including the Redskins themselves issued statements which indicated a name change was on the horizon. Furthermore, FedEx (who has naming rights to the stadium) has expressed displeasure regarding the name and Nike already pulled Redskins gear from its online store earlier this week .

The name change seems so likely at this point for Washington owner Daniel Snyder, there are even gambling odds for the top choices. Check out the best sportsbooks around to see if they are keeping track of this. If so, it’s not a matter of if but when the Redskins name change will happen.

Well, since we’re here, it’s time to come up with some of my top name proposals:

  1. Generals – Good name but the “Washington Generals” are most closely associated with the team that lost billions of times to the Harlem Globetrotters. However, the Globetrotters are reportedly interested in selling the Generals name to the Washington Football Club That Resides In The NFL.
  2. Monuments – Kind of a boring name and would be easy to make fun if Washington’s offensive and/or defensive lines were porous.
  3. Defenders – I think Vince McMahon might have something to say about this since the now defunct XFL had the DC Defenders (potential copyright/trademark issues) but nonetheless, it’s worth a shot. .
  4. Rangers – We already have the Texas and New York Rangers but it’s a strong nickname.
  5. Senators – Baseball had the Washington Senators but it’s hard to escape considering D.C.’s political ties.
  6. Admirals – I’m all in for any ties to the Navy. The United States Navy has headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, which is a stone’s throw away from Washington. Makes sense to me.
  7. Commanders – See #6
  8. Captains – See #6 and #7
  9. Commodores – See #6, #7, #8
  10. Red Tails – This one might have some traction. The Tuskegee Airmen, the African-American pilots who flew in World War II, were known as “red tails.” This nickname has the support of Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

In my opinion, it would be cool to honor the military with the next considering the D.C. area’s history with military. My top three choices would be the Senators, Commodores, or Red Tails.

As pressure mounts on teams like the Braves and Indians, who own similarly ominous nicknames, Dan Snyder’s time avoiding this issue appears to have run out.

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