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Coming Soon: The 160 Worst Losses In NFL History

Since 2020 has been a complete dumpster fire, what better way to celebrate the year’s utter nonsense than by taking a deep dive into the worst losses in NFL history.

This is not going to be the usual rank and file countdown. Instead, we’re looking at the five worst losses for each of the 32 active NFL franchises.

So, apologies to the Canton Bulldogs, the original Buffalo Bills, and the Akron Pros to name a few. They didn’t make the cut.

From regular season games to Super Bowl meltdowns, we’ll look at all things losing. And for the benefit of this project, no one is going unscathed. Everyone will get time on the hot seat..from Joe Montana and Bill Walsh to the winners of all of winners…Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

The fun begins next week as we take our franchise-by-franchise look at the worst NFL losses ever.

Trust me, we’ll have plenty of time to do this because with no NFL preseason games happening (maybe), the 2020 season could take a bit of a detour before it actually begins.

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