Andy Reid

The Andy Reid Face Shield Featured Plenty Of Fog

The Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs opened the 2020 season against the Houston Texans on Thursday night and Andy Reid gave us an early look at what Sundays with head coaches might look like as COVID-19 continues to cause problems around the country.

Reid showed off a face shield that extended from the brim of his hat all the way down below his chin. Yet, the problem with such a shield is evident. Reid heavily fogged it up throughout the game.

Due to rain, Reid’s shield became even more a problem by the fourth quarter.

Luckily, when you have Patrick Mahomes as your quarterback, not being able to see every play still isn’t a disadvantage.

Reid’s obscured vision didn’t help the Texans much. Kansas City opened up their Super Bowl championship defense with a 34-20 win over Houston.

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