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Sunday Scaries: Aaron Rodgers Stars In Shipwrecked

Week 6’s highest profile game of the week turned into a rout; while the Houston Texans got run over by a human tractor in Tennessee; and the Atlanta Falcons finally got a win. All of those highlights and more headlined an entertaining Week 6 of Sunday action.


BUCCANEERS 38, PACKERS 10: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers made it look easy on their first two drives. The Packers rolled up 10 points and Aaron Rodgers even got a chance to perform a new touchdown celebration (although his score was called back):

A pick-six by Tampa’s Jamel Dean swayed the game’s fortunes. Dean’s pick was the first of two in consecutive possessions for Rodgers, who had not thrown an interception heading into the game. Following the score, the Bucs reeled off an additional 31 consecutive points.

Tampa sacked Rodgers five times including this doozy by Ndamukong Suh:

Tom Brady threw two touchdown passes and Tampa’s defense offered up a sound performance in thwarting Green Bay’s efforts to start 5-0 this season.

Sunday marked the third meeting all-time between Brady and Rodgers. Tampa hopes Sunday’s third round follows a similar pattern to the first two. When the two legends met previously, both seasons ended the same way…with New England winning the Super Bowl.

TITANS 42, TEXANS 36 (OT): I’d never want to jump in front of a car but I’d imagine it would be similar to running in front of or trying to tackle Derrick Henry. Apparently, the Houston Texans agreed with me. Henry compiled 212 yards rushing including a 94-yard rushing touchdown and the eventual game-winning romp in overtime.

The Titans became the first team in NFL history to have a 350-yard passer, 200-yard rusher, and a head coach who tricked officials by taking an intentional 12-men on the field penalty all in the same game.

Tennessee remains unbeaten at 5-0 while the Texans remain the Texans.

RAVENS 30, EAGLES 28: The Eagles waited until trailing 24-6 in the third quarter before making a move. Thus, that continues the narrative the Eagles have been riding for much of the past year. They are terrible for three quarters and then, storm back. Then, people comment about how gallant the team’s effort was and how hard Carson Wentz played.

That’s great and all but the song can’t keep remaining the same. For example, the Eagles rallied back in the fourth quarter and had a chance to tie the game with a two-point conversion. They failed on what was an awful call.

In related news, I’m out on the Ravens being a Super Bowl contender too. I don’t want to say fraud but it is under consideration.

BRONCOS 18, PATRIOTS 12: HOT TAKE TIME! The Patriots aren’t going to make the playoffs. Too tough of a schedule and receivers that flat out can’t get open consistently. Their loss to Denver marks the first time they’ve been under .500 this late into the season since October….of 2002.

STEELERS 38, BROWNS 7: The writing was on the wall for the Browns heading into this game. Odell was sick and Baker Mayfield had a rib injury entering the game that he eventually re-injured.

The news was mostly good for the Steelers….except for the season-ending torn ACL injury to linebacker Devin Bush.

BEARS 23, PANTHERS 16: The Chicago Bears are 5-1 now and according to Football Outsiders and their DVOA metrics, among the worst one-loss teams at this point of the season in recent memory.

I don’t get them. I’ve watched some Bears games this season. My takeaway is I don’t know how they are doing this. The defense is good but not 2018 good. The offense looks a bit lost still. We’ll see if things get any better.

Their quick start has been in part due to a lightweight schedule. Things might take a turn for the worse next Monday night when they head to Los Angeles to face the Rams.

49ERS 24, RAMS 16: The 49ers rose from the dead to take down the Rams on Sunday Night Football. Tight end George Kittle compiled over 100 yards receiving and Jimmy Garoppolo rebounded after the worst game of his career with 268 yards passing and three touchdowns.

San Francisco’s offense held the ball for nearly 40 minutes and the defense held Jared Goff to just 19 of 38 passing for 198 yards. The lone negative for the 3-3 49ers on Sunday proved to be another injury. Running back Raheem Mostert left the game with a high ankle sprain injury that could sideline him for a few weeks.

San Francisco’s upcoming schedule is rough but Sunday’s game at New England seems far more winnable now than it did two weeks ago.


COLTS 31, BENGALS 27: Joe Burrow is still healthy! The Bengals led 21-0 but then the Colts quickly woke up to take control of the game in short order.

GIANTS 20, WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM 19: This was a game involving two teams form the NFC East. END OF TRANSMISSION.

FALCONS 40, VIKINGS 23: The Atlanta Falcons won their first game in the post-Dan Quinn era, which led to this amazing tweet:

LIONS 34, JAGUARS 16: The Jaguars looked frisky in Week 1 and have looked borderline comatose ever since.

DOLPHINS 24, JETS 0: Nothing surprising here. The Jets are bad. Adam Gase and Gregg Williams don’t like each other (maybe). Yet, here is the most important thing from Sunday’s game:


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