Joe Montana

NHL’s Joe Thornton Consults With Joe Montana Before Bolting To Toronto

Bay Area legend Joe Montana has been rather busy in 2020. He appeared at Super Bowl LIV in Miami as a part of the NFL 100 All-Time Team, lent his ear to Tom Brady, stopped a potential kidnapping plot, and recently offered advice to former San Jose Sharks star Joe Thornton.

Of course, Montana has plenty of experience making a decision about leaving the Bay Area. His time came in 1993 when the 49ers traded him to the Kansas City Chiefs – ending a 13-year run in San Francisco.

Thornton and his glorious beard are following a similar path. A member of the Sharks since 2005, Thornton signed a deal worth $700,000 to join the Toronto Maple Leafs. Before making his final decision, the 41-year-old NHL veteran contacted Montana for advice.

“I actually talked to Joe Montana. I think Joe gave me some good advice. He just talked about leaving San Francisco and going to Kansas City,” said Thornton.

“Joe gave me some good advice. That conversation meant a lot. I had so many people I talked to over the last week. I’m just blessed that I had a chance to talk to some great people. But (Montana’s) one guy that offered me some good advice.”

-Joe Thornton in The Mercury News

The former Hart Trophy winner is trying to achieve something that Montana attempted when he left for Kansas City 27 years ago…to win it all.

Time is running out on Thornton’s career and he wants to win a Stanley Cup with the Maple Leafs.

Montana’s hopes of leaving for a new team and winning a Super Bowl fell short as the ’93 Chiefs lost in the AFC Championship Game to Buffalo.

Thornton is hoping for a much happier ending.

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